The most versatile studio for virtual events in Port Noblessner

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Virtual conferences
Virtual team-building events
Virtual entertainment events
Online courses
Digital product launches
TV shows and virtual concerts
Digital expo solutions

Add content creation to your virtual event

We create the content and give comprehensive advice to make sure your message gets to the participants effectively.

We create the suitable presentations, videos, intermediate media and pre-recorded material for virtual event.

We set up a website, registration page and app for your event.

We find moderators and mentor the speakers from your company.

We provide follow-up communication for the virtual event

How does the studio work?

You have a message

We create efficient and strategic content

We put together an engaging virtual event from the studio

Follow-up communication

Engaging the audience

How do we engage the audience?

Invitation, landing page and app

Personal landing page with preliminary communication, agenda, handouts and much more

Entertaining program

Musical interludes, different artists, engaging team-building games and quizzes

Virtual workshops

Discuss important questions in a smaller circle

Q&A, polls and voting

Interact with your audience and get the immediate feedback

Moderated panel discussions

An experienced host keeps the conversations lively

Co-working options

Chalk out with your colleagues, create wordclouds or hold brainstorming sessions

Pre-recorded media, videos, animations

Musical interludes, different artists, engaging team-building games